Double sadded Stool – Akura


The double sadded stool Akura is one of a kind. Flexible in various ways and easily the most comfortable stool you have ever sit on.



The Double-Saddle Dental Stool Akurais designed to provide optimal comfort and support during extended periods of dental treatment. With its unique dual-seat design, this chair offers high-performance seating that improves posture and reduces fatigue.

Special Features:

Ergonomic Support: Designed with ergonomics, these tubs provide better posture and reduce strain on the back and legs.
Adjustable height: The tub has an adjustable height, allowing dentists to adjust the tubes to their preferred seating position.
Comfortable seats: The two-seat design of the Akura seats provides long-term comfortable seating.
Construction Quality: Made from durable materials, Akura tubes are designed to withstand the rigors of daily dental-office use.
Easy to clean: Smooth water and easy-to-clean surfaces make maintaining hygiene standards in the dental office easier.
Why choose us:

Maximum Comfort: Enjoy unparalleled comfort and support during long-term dental procedures.
Enhanced Ergonomics: Promotes good posture and reduces fatigue through fluid ergonomic design.
Durability: Built to last, Akura tubes are a reliable choice for busy dental offices.

Enhance your dental office with the Akura Double-Saddle Dental Stool and experience the difference in comfort and support.


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